Wednesday, August 5, 2009

10 Best Decisions I Made This Summer

1. Enrolled my kids in swimming lessons as soon as we moved. They swam M-F for 6 weeks. We met new friends, and my once fearful water babies are now more like fish.

2. Bought the boys loft beds for their cracker box room. Instead of bunk beds, we made the decision to buy University Loft Jr. loft beds. What an awesome purchase! Those 'caves' under their beds will be priceless play and storage spaces once the weather turns cold.

3. Showed my daughter how to help scrape off wallpaper.

4. Stocked the cupboard with Magic Shell.

5. Had 2 garage sales.

6. Learned how to play Cornhole. What?!

7. Inquired about the warranty on our windows. Yes, they get replaced for free!

8. Realizing that pleasure and contentment aren't as far away as I thought.

9. Picking up my 4 1/2 year old son as much as he'll still let me.

10. Sleeping in.

1 comment:

The Kauffmans said...

So many questions....what is Magic Shell?? You know how to play Cornhole? What? How is life in Indiana? Can we talk soon?...I miss you! I need newborn advice:-) Life is crazy with two...but I love it!